Vietnam Coffee



We proudly introduce you to our beautiful Robusta and Arabica coffee farm in Lam Dong, Vietnam where the two organic variations are planted in rotation under the lush shades of plenty of roses and cotton trees. Such rotation and shades are principal in nurturing the development of higher quality coffee as the cool climate and green cover catalyze coffee fruits to absorb nutrients more efficiently and consequentially increase the sugar content concentrating at its core.

Not limited to regular coffee, RVDC Farm is enthusiastically experimenting with cultivating one of the best coffee of the world: Yellow Bourbon and Typica – the two that are widely loved for their charming fragrance. While Bourbon is heavenly slight on sweetness, gently sour, chocolate-scented, fruity, and occasionally herbal, Typica embraces a bold and balance taste infused by its mixed of light sourness and sweet-inspired bitterness.

Rising 1000 meters above sea-level, RDVC farm takes pride in our annual production of Robusta–adhering strictly to a 100% natural processing method with ripe harvesting and same-day drying. With such dedication, our coffee is therefore ensured to truly be the best gift of taste. Furthermore, pursuing perfection, we are currently researching to develop new methodologies such as Honey and Full-Washed Process to make our coffee experience even more exciting for you.

We strive to craft the very best coffee. For us, it is a manifesto to create a new world-class movement for improving the farming and processing of coffee. Ultimately, we ambitiously envision Vietnamese coffee as the single best coffee on Earth.

Vietnam Coffee