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Viaggio Coffee Compostable Capsules – Creamy Cocoa style

Made from coffee beans hand-picked when they are 100% ripe, and processed according to the honey-method. This capsule combines the bitter taste of coffee with the characteristic creamy flavor of cocoa beans, leaving a light and sweet natural aftertaste. 

* Recommended for lovers of black coffee or traditional Vietnamese milk- coffee.

Viaggio Coffee Compostable Capsules – Chocolate Sign style

A combination of Lac Duong Arabica beans and two types of Robusta: naturally dried and honey-dried. The special blend will appeal to those who love the bitter taste of dark chocolate, but still enjoy the sour taste and long- lasting sweet aftertaste of Arabica. 

*Recommended for Italian espresso aficionados.

Viaggio Coffee Compostable Capsules – Tropical style

Made from selected Arabica beans from the Cau Dat and Lac Duong regions. The tightly controlled roasting process delivers an exquisite cup with a sweet aftertaste of fruits and a floral airy lightness.

* Recommended for fans of light coffee styles with less caffeine (American, French, Korean, Japanese).

Viaggio Coffee Compostable Capsules – Balanced style

The aroma and sour taste of Arabica coffee beans from Lac Duong region, carefully combined with the thick texture of natural-dried Robusta beans, have conspired to create this cup of taste-balanced espresso.  

* Recommended for admirers of traditional Vietnamese black coffee.

Viaggio Coffee Compostable Capsules – LowCaf style

Wet-processed Arabica beans and Honey-processed Robusta seeds are researched by roasted artisans to produce low-caffeine content, we call DeCaf / LowCaf / LiteCaf. However, keep it full The aroma and sourness of fruit, gives you the taste buds of Espresso coffee.

* Recommendation: drink coffee with light taste.


Viaggio Coffee Drip Bag – Blend style

Arabica coffee beans are processed by 3 different methods, wet processing, dry processing, honey processing of Lam Dong Plateau to be roasted according to different levels and then mixed in proportion to much tasted. times to decide on the best recipe. Drinking will give you the feeling of enjoying a drip, gentle, coffee.

* Recommend: hot or iced coffee drinks, no sugar, no milk.

Viaggio Coffee Drip Bag – Vietnamese style

Wet-processed Arabica beans and Honey-processed Robusta beans are created by Vietnamese roasters to create Vietnamese coffee filters. Aroma, sour fruit, strong enough Body of “Vietnam Traditional Black Coffee”.

* Recommendation: Gu coffee with condensed milk or fresh milk.